Google Analytics now Real-Time

Yesterday Google announced that it was taking Google Analytics that one step further and making the user tracking ‘real-time’. This will open up a whole new level of effectiveness measurement for social media.

Imagine that you post a link on Twitter to your 500 followers but you only get 10 clicks for the link, but at 6pm you get 80 clicks. You will be able to use Google real time to measure the effectiveness and plan a strategy for your social media campaigns.


It will allow users to better understand their audience and be able to react in such a way to maximise the value of their links. This new service puts together analytics with social media and conversion. The subtle changes that you make to a website will make a difference to how the user interacts with it and understanding this is key to an effective click through rate and eventually conversions.


As I’m sure you have guessed by now Google has named the service Google Real-Time and will start rolling it out to users over the next few weeks to all users. But it is possible for you to sign up for early access here. Let us know how you get on!

Now this in itself is a great step forward for Google Analytics but Google are not the first company to introduce real time tracking but lets not forget that Google Analytics is free…although this is not strictly true.

I bet you were scared for a minute there but don’t worry I was just linking to the next and also very interesting announcement that Google are now offering a Google Analytics Premium that looks as if it will be of real value to larger companies and websites that get traffic well into the millions per month.

With Google Analytics Premium users will get:

  • Increased data gathering
  • More custom variables and reports
  • Advanced analysis
  • 24/7 support
  • Service level agreements for data collection processing and reporting

This basically means that users will not have to just use a sample of traffic and can analyse each and every visitor to the site. This will be really useful to the control freaks among us! Check out the Official page for a full list of features

Do you think that these developments are going to be useful? How are you going to use them?

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