Firefox Today, Chrome Tomorrow


Google, as you may have noticed, does not rest on its laurels.The company’s attempt to swallow your online being like a hungry digital anaconda shows no sign of slowing up either, with the imminent introduction of their very own browser Chrome. Unsurprisingly, Chrome has been setting bloggers’ hearts aflutter across the internet for the last couple of weeks, particularly since this comic explaining the browser was “leaked” (“we hit ‘send’ a bit early” say Google).Chrome is Google’s interpretation of the web browser. It promises to be quicker, more powerful and simpler than existing browsers such as Opera, Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which is still used by some 75% of internet users. Judging by the available information, it would appear that Google are sticking to their tried and tested formula of a simple, sleek interface backed up by a massive amount of thoroughly researched and innovative technology.Particularly interesting is the way that Chrome runs each tab as a separate process so if one page gives you the dreaded screen of death, there is no reason for the whole browser to stop working. The memory allocation system is also more advanced, so that processes aren’t all fighting for the same juice within your computer.

Google’s success is often attributed to continual innovation and the allocation of huge resources to new projects and Chrome is no different. While the version to be released tomorrow is just a Beta, don’t expect there to be many flaws. Using both human testing and their tremendous network of datacenters, Google’s engineers are confident that the browser is fully compatible with all major websites and the vast majority of less-visited locations too.

Google are open about having borrowed from Firefox and have kept the spirit alive by making Chrome open source. There is an interesting interview with Mozilla head honcho John Lilly here where Lilly says that Mozilla does not feel too threatened by Google (who, of course, support Mozilla financially) and that another browser on the market will not have any negative effect on the Mozilla project.

Ultimately, it is unlikely that Chrome will throw a fork in the road of internet browsing in the way that Firefox did a couple of years ago, but it is highly likely that Google’s own browser will be shiny, sleek and impressive. And less used than Internet Explorer :-(

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